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How is your studio different from any other photography studio?

In our studio you are both a model and a photographer at the same time. In fact, with us you take a selfie, but with the help of a special mirror, not a phone. You stand in front of a mirror and see your reflection, in your hands you have a small remote control with which you make a "screenshot" of your reflection. By mail you will receive a link to a disk with all  "screenshots" that you took from us.

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Does anyone other than me see my photos?

No. All processes in the studio are automated. Processing and uploading photos to disk occurs automatically. Only you have access to the photos.

How to prepare for a self portrait shoot?

1. Pick up several options for images. Dark clothes  are more suitable for a light background, and light clothes are more suitable for a dark background. You can bring both basic clothes and dressy costumes with you.

How to prepare for a self portrait shoot?

2. Save the photo options you like. You can either repeat the photo exactly, or just be inspired.

by the style and mood. These can be photos of famous actors or models.

3. Make a playlist with your favorite music for different moods.

Who can give a certificate to you?

Our certificate will be a great gift for a birthday, wedding, anniversary. Also a couple or a girl in anticipation  of the birth of a child. Our format is good not only because in the end you will get photos taken to your taste, but also the experience of shooting itself is very unusual. Often guests note that the photo shoot itself was very therapeutic for them.

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